*Updated 4/01/2019*
$400, King Gizzard fretted Sazocaster with a new fretboard and frets. Body has a couple light dings, nothing serious e-mail for pictures or questions. $550 13-tone BC Rich conversion. This is a neck thru BC rich was done years ago and was later bought back. The guitar has extra hard frets that are still in new condition, and a very nice condition body and neck. $1100 shipped in the US! - 29-tone fretboard, full 2 octaves, Sword Guitars 7-string with Floyd-Rose trem. Frets VG+ 425$ shipped in the US! 26-tone Ibanez RG4321 retrofretting. Infinite/0 radius, hardtail bridge. Frets in VG+ condition.

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